Streambed by Lenni WorkmanStreambed by Lenni Workman, 43” x 60″ Oil on Canvas

Artist’s Statement

My interest as a visual artist is the transient nature of light. In particular, light’s ability to abstract, define and dramatize form and space. I use the camera to capture these fleeting moments, and use a photo as reference for my painting.

Walls, one of the most flat and solid surfaces in our everyday environment, can be altered by light, wind and time, to become lively and ethereal: rooms become sun-dials.

The botanical world is a huge interest and remains my subject of choice. Often I paint plants I’ve grown in my garden.

Artistic influences are Canadian artists J.W. Morrice and Mary Pratt.

Scale is very important in my work. By enlarging a detail of nature, I express my respect for the natural environment and acknowledge the powerful web of life of which we are all part.

Lenni Workman Lenni Workman
Gallery Representation by Galerie St. Laurent + Hill, Ottawa

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